Online Tools

Puzzles National School Leadership Standards Map

The National School Leadership Standards Map helps state education agency staff, researchers, and practitioners quickly and easily locate information on school leadership standards in all 50 states. Use the map to explore how leadership standards have been adopted, adapted, and used by states to support principals, as well as how these policies change over time.

Pratical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation Systems Teacher Evaluation Practical Guide

Looking for guidance to help design your teacher evaluation system? The Teacher Evaluation Practical Guide organizes the key resources and guidance you need to develop a teacher evaluation system that identifies effective teachers and supports teachers in improving practice.  

Practical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Principal Evaluation Systems Principal Evaluation Practical Guide

In parallel with our Teacher Evaluation Practical Guide, the Principal Evaluation Practical Guide provides resources and guidance for designing comprehensive evaluation systems that identify effective principals and support schools to improve instructional leadership.

Chart Online Database of State Teacher and Principal Evaluation Systems

Curious about how other states are designing evaluation reforms? The State Teacher Evaluation Database (STEP) and State Principal Evaluation Database (SPEP) are interactive, online tools you can use to download information and access links to evaluation policy in more than 40 states.