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Title Description
National Center to Inform Policy and Practice in Special Education Professional Development (NCIPP) Induction Insights

Induction Insights are a collection of briefs derived from longer research syntheses that target topical areas in special induction and mentoring. The briefs are geared to specific audiences, including administrators, policymakers, teacher educators, beginning teachers, and parents.

Evidence-Based Practices to Support Equity: A Snapshot on Mentoring & Induction

This brief helps state and district leaders make informed policy decisions that take into account the evidence base for mentoring and induction strategies in order to improve supports for and equitable access to great teachers and leaders. The snapshot describes mentoring and induction strategies, how states and districts have implemented these strategies, and the empirical studies and evidence demonstrating the strategy’s effect on educator and student outcomes.

Supporting New Teachers: What Do We Know about Effective State Induction Policies?

This policy snapshot highlights research about effective induction programs and strategies for setting effective policy related to induction plans. It also includes short spotlights on existing state induction programs, as well as sample regulatory language.

Mitigating Teacher Shortages: Induction and Mentorship Programs

This brief explores induction and mentoring as an effective strategy to retain teachers. A definition of induction and mentorship programs is provided, followed by a summary of supporting research on this strategy, state policy examples, and considerations for policymakers.