Overview of Resources

The Moving Toward Equity Technical Assistance Resources Overview outlines the various tools and resources included on this website.

These tools and resources, developed by the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center), include materials for addressing three components specified in the federal Excellent Educators for All Initiative:

Engaging stakeholders (Use the Moving Toward Equity Stakeholder Engagement Guide)

  • Part 1—Getting Started. Part 1 guides the state leaders through the early stages of equity planning and envisioning the process for its unique state context.
  • Part 2—Taking Action. Part 2 provides guidance for state leaders to mobilize stakeholder engagement efforts. In alignment with the five steps of the Moving Toward Equity Tool, you will find supporting resources for engaging stakeholders every step of the way.

Conducting a root-cause analysis (Use the Moving Toward Equity Root-Cause Analysis)

  • The workbook steers state teams through eight steps of interactive brainstorming activities designed to pinpoint equity gaps, provide a theory of action to target root causes in your state, and deliver an actionable, context-specific plan.

Reviewing data (Use the Moving Toward Equity Data Review Tool)

  • Divided into three key steps—(1) Considering Equitable Access Metrics; (2) Interpreting Your State’s Equitable Access Data; and (3) Using Your State’s Equitable Access Data—the activities in this tool introduce relevant metrics, increase staff capacity for analyzing equitable access data, and provide tools to communicate what the data suggest about the equity gaps in your state.