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About the Innovation Station

The Innovation Station offers a one-stop spot for states and districts to get information and help in recruiting and selecting, retaining, rewarding, and supporting highly effective teachers and leaders. Look to this site for the latest, cutting-edge tools and resources.

State and district leaders can use this space to:

  • Share strategies.
  • Discuss challenges.
  • Receive input and feedback from experts.
  • Raise and address the concerns of teachers of exceptional learners, CTE, and STEM.

Selection of Resources

The Innovation Station highlights resources that can support education leaders in tackling tough challenges related to staffing schools with great teachers and leaders. Such resources come from organizations dedicated to addressing needs for recruiting and selecting, retaining, rewarding, and extending the reach of great teachers and leaders. 

As resources are evaluated for effectiveness in the field, the Innovation Station site will be updated to reflect this evolving field. To ensure that we have the most up-to-date tools and resources, we encourage you to submit resources. Please visit the Submit a Resource page to suggest a new resource, or visit the Questions / Comments page to make a comment or ask us a question about the resources on the Innovation Station.