Recruiting and Selecting

Great schools start with great teachers and leaders, and states and districts need specific strategies to recruit and select high-caliber candidates. The Innovation Station’s resources for recruiting and selecting include the following:

  • General resources, such as publications on expanding the teacher and leader pipelines, hiring tools for turnaround schools, and tools for teacher and leader hiring and placement.
  • International examples, with publications on what other countries do to selectively recruit top talent.

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International Examples


This publication reports the results of the 2013 Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) of 100,000 teachers and leaders in 34 countries and economies.
This report, published by the Asia Society, examines the strategies used to develop and support strong teaching and school leadership workforces in three very different contexts: Melbourne, Australia... Read more »
In this report, McKinsey examines 25 school systems around the world, including the 10 best performing, to drill down on what matters most in the systems.
This report—published by the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education—provides a set of case studies that examines best practices for cultivating... Read more »


This paper explores recent reforms undertaken in the English school system to restructure its leadership development system.

This report summarizes key elements of new leadership structures in England resulting from recent reforms that have distributed leadership responsibilities across administrators and teachers.

The complete recipe for Singapore’s educational success is not public, but one element stands out: the development and thorough use of performance-linked “competencies” to measure, reward, and... Read more »

Working on the basis that great teachers are fundamental to successful student outcomes, this book examines the practices of successful teachers in two countries, the United States and China;... Read more »