Schools retain great teachers and leaders by appropriately rewarding their excellence and ability to extend their reach to more students. The Innovation Station’s resources for rewarding include the following:

  • General resources on budgeting and pay, such as publications, websites, and multimedia presentations on the following: how to provide strategic educator compensation, how to pay teachers more within regular budgets, and how to develop new compensation systems that enable teachers and leaders to pursue their passions in a sustainable way.
  • Case studies and examples on promising compensation reforms, including those funded by the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF).

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Case Studies & Examples


Vanderbilt University’s National Center on Performance Initiatives provides studies that evaluate how pay-for-performance initiatives impact the quality of schools and districts.
The Community Training and Assistance Center conducted a comprehensive study of the impact of Denver Public School’s four-year Pay for Performance pilot.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools partnered with the Community Training and Assistance Center beginning in 2007 to seek, obtain, and implement a Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant from the U.S.

The Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) was established by the U.S. Department of Education in 2006 and was designed to support performance-based teacher and principal compensation systems in high-need... Read more »

This Chiefs for Change brief highlights the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE)’s efforts to engage teachers as leaders, often through roles such as instructional, curriculum, or content area... Read more »


This Chiefs for Change report examines the need for strong, diverse school-system leaders to commit to student-focused change that also reflects the demographics of the students they serve.