Strong retention strategies include providing paid career paths that keep great teachers in the classroom, giving teachers and leaders appropriate autonomy over their work, and offering multiple opportunities to continue to improve and excel. The Innovation Station’s resources for retaining include the following:

  • General resources, such as publications and multimedia sources on keeping high-performing educators in the classroom, state policy guidelines on supporting effective principals, and a state policy database.
  • Career pathways and tiered certification publications and websites on creating career paths that provide multiple opportunities for excellent teachers, using evaluations to drive excellence, and rethinking certification standards.
  • Motivation 3.0, with a publication and multimedia presentations on tapping into teachers’ and leaders’ motivation at each stage of their careers by encouraging them make real contributions, have appropriate autonomy over their work, and strive for mastery.

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Career Pathways & Tiered Certification


Published by the National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) and the Center for Educator Effectiveness at Pearson, this report provides a vision of teacher career pathways designed to... Read more »
This paper, by Rachel Curtis of Human Capital Strategies for Urban Schools, gives examples of school systems that have created unique teacher career pathways as part of a larger vision to transform... Read more »
This research report, published by the Calder Center at American Institutes for Research, examines the effectiveness of IMPACT—the District of Columbia’s teacher evaluation and compensation system—... Read more »
The Emerging Leaders Program by New Leaders is designed to strengthen leadership skills of teachers, coaches and assistant principals with the ultimate goal of putting participants on the path to... Read more »
This Public Impact webpage provides information on how school models that extend the reach of excellent teachers to more students can create new roles that enable teachers and paraprofessionals to... Read more »

There is a growing acceptance, indeed enthusiasm, among policymakers and education leaders for a heightened teacher role in leading a stronger profession. More than 60 colleges now offer master’s... Read more »

This policy guide by Public Impact shows how districts can design teacher career paths that will keep excellent teachers in the classroom and extend their reach to more students, for more pay, within... Read more »
This website, developed by a team from the Pahara-Aspen Teacher-Leader Fellows, offers overviews and links to... Read more »

Based on the premise that distributing responsibility for developing teachers across a group of talented teachers yields improvements in teaching and learning, this report identifies successful “... Read more »

This Wallace Foundation report seeks to provide an answer to whether licenses that states require for school principals cover the skills and knowledge to promote student learning.


This study evaluates the effectiveness of teachers certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

This guide provides an in-depth look at the elements of a 14-month research-based leadership development model designed to train aspiring school leaders in New York.

The complete recipe for Singapore’s educational success is not public, but one element stands out: the development and thorough use of performance-linked “competencies” to measure, reward, and... Read more »