Learn more about creating strong supports for beginning teachers, including insightful new content for supporting teachers of students with disabilities through high-leverage practices.

Learn how your state can create strong supports for new teachers through comprehensive mentoring and induction.

Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness takes a comprehensive look at multiple measures of teacher effectiveness and student learning and the challenges of vertical and horizontal attribution.
This webinar with SCEE explores the variety of measures of teacher effectiveness and the role of teaching standards in evaluation systems.
This presentation provides an overview of various teacher evaluation models currently used to measure teacher effectiveness.
Examines Race to the Top's definition of student growth and explores the strengths and weaknesses of various examples of student growth models.
Dr. Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt discussed the research on equitable distribution of teachers both within a district and a school. She provided possible solutions for school leader to implement to help...
Drs. Ellen Sherratt and Tricia Miller presented on the importance of performance management through the METworks Framework. They focused on components such as preparation, recruitment, hiring,...
At the SIG Regional Conference, Dr. Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt presented on key ways to promote collaboration between unions and districts specifically when trying to develop teacher evaluation systems.
In this webinar, measures of teacher effectiveness are defined and guidance on what constitutes for evidence of those measures.
This presentation from the Washington, D.C., Office of the State Superintendent of Education outlines the SLO process. Participants will learn to identify the three steps of the SLO process, along...
The Washington, D.C., Office of the State Superintendent of Education developed this presentation to explain the role of target setting as part of the SLO process. This presentation provides examples...