Discover what states and districts can do to support principal supervisors.

Understanding Teacher Working Conditions

Discover what teacher conditions are and why the quality matters.

Instructional Leadership: Definitions and Evidence

Learn what is instructional leadership and the changing roles of principals.

This presentation discusses potential student growth measures for teachers of nontested grades and subjects.

Discover how evaluation can help teachers grow by promoting instructional strategies and aligning evaluation results with professional learning.
Explore the relationship between instructional practices and student social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Discover eight recommendations for designing and implementing teacher evaluation systems that support students with disabilities in this presentation.

Explore strategies to overcome many of the common barriers in designing and implementing teacher evaluation systems.

Discover how to improve instruction through evaluation by using student learning objectives and other measures.

Learn four state practices for monitoring and ensuring that local education agencies implement educator evaluations. 

This presentation at Georgia's Title II conference focuses on teacher evaluation and college- and career-readiness standards as a means of enhancing teacher quality.

Learn about training and support strategies that states are using to build capacity while implementing educator evaluation systems.
Explore the challenges and the opportunities of helping teachers grow professionally by using evaluation results.