Learn more about creating strong supports for beginning teachers, including insightful new content for supporting teachers of students with disabilities through high-leverage practices.

Learn how your state can create strong supports for new teachers through comprehensive mentoring and induction.

Discover which experiences and supports across the professional career continuum led to exemplary teachers becoming effective.

Learn how to measure teachers’ contributions to student learning growth.

Discover how to connect school climate, college and career readiness standards, and social and emotional learning. 

Discover key considerations when designing and implementing teacher evaluation systems.

Learn how to develop a training plan that effectively prepares evaluators and teachers for a new evaluation system.

Discuss key questions regarding challenges and lessons learned from implementing student learning objectives. 

Learn staffing structures that can extend the reach of excellent teachers.

Find support for states in making policy decisions on student learning objectives (SLO) scoring.

Learn how to create coherence between the policies, systems, and structures for teacher evaluation and college and career readiness standards. 

Learn how to define and measure school leader effectiveness.